WA Top Docs Proudly Presents May 2020 Approved Providers

May 2020

WA Top Docs and WA Top Dentists are proud to feature the following May 2020 approved providers.

WA Top Docs Include:


  • Dr. Jordan Graybill


  • Dr. Louis Blake-Inada
  • Dr. Brendan Daly


  • Dr. Barbara Fox


  • Dr. Deborah S. Golob

Family Practice

  • Dr. Margie Apacible
  • Dr. Anthony S. Barnett
  • Dr. Mary F. Bergum
  • Dr. Cindy L. Bowers
  • Dr. Kristin R. Briejer
  • Dr. Fredrick Brooking
  • Dr. Hannah R. Burdge
  • Dr. Charles W. Butler
  • Dr. Michael D. Cabasug
  • Dr. Wilson Chan
  • Dr. Blain Crandell
  • Dr. Marilyn Darr
  • Dr. Jacob C. Deakins
  • Dr. Robert Dini
  • Dr. Daniel Dugaw
  • Dr. Jonathan Dykstra
  • Dr. Vanessa B. Edrich


  • Dr. John Carrougher
  • Dr. Alan G.Y. Chang
  • Dr. Thomas K. Curry
  • Dr. Christopher Duncan

General Surgery

  • Dr. Alejandro Arnold
  • Dr. Bruce W. Ayres
  • Dr. Norman H. Burns
  • Dr. Deborah A. Chock
  • Dr. Leaza Dierwechter

Infectious Disease

  • Dr. Jose F. Echaiz Arroyo

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Khalid Aslam
  • Dr. Nadia A. Davis
  • Dr. Eric Gil
  • Dr. Yakov Grinberg


  • Dr. Fadi H. Akoum
  • Dr. Nelson Chow

Neurological Surgery

  • Dr. David Gruber


  • Dr. Roopa Bhat


  • Dr. Anne Cherie Anholm
  • Dr. Daniel E. Bahnmiller
  • Dr. Annette Blevins
  • Dr. Miguel A. Brizuela
  • Dr. Lori D. Channell
  • Dr. Maria Ciani
  • Dr. Maheen Fallah

Oncology / Hematology

  • Dr. Kawal Chester
  • Dr. Livia Hegerova


  • Dr. Richard Bernheimer
  • Dr. Timothy P. Carey
  • Dr. Jay Chapman
  • Dr. Andrew S. Edwards
  • Dr. Richard Ehlers

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. Lance L. Bear


  • Dr. Reinhild E. Ayoub
  • Dr. Jeffrey C. Ernst
  • Dr. Joellen Estvold
  • Dr. Mary P. Fairchok

Physical Medicine /Physiatry

  • Dr. Cheryl A. Hayes

Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery

  • Dr. Richard A. Baker
  • Dr. Edwin Y. Chang
  • Dr. Joshua M. Cooper

Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Bob J. Adams


  • Dr. Carleen T. Bensen

Vascular Surgery

  • Dr. George Berni